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Sleeping with Cats

He nestles within the covers in a comfortable cocoon.

She curls up on my legs and purrs a happy tune

And when they are all cozy, warm, and sleeping in my bed

There is nowhere for me to move or lay my tired head.

As soon as I fall fast asleep the sun comes peering in

The room is filled with sunlight but I want to sleep in

She tickles me with whiskers and pounces on my chest

He tips over my alarm clock and wakes me from my rest…

Smile Always,



Country Mouse/City Mouse

I am a City Mouse

I was once a city mouse, The playground was the street

I climbed and ran and jumped, on concrete beneath my feet.

I ran into the sprinklers, on hot, sticky summer days

And tanned upon the asphalt roof, to soak in all the rays.

In wintertime I bundled warm, and fought away the blues

I dreaded the rushed subway ride, with slush under my shoes.

Over time I became a country mouse, or some may say “small city”

I drank in sunny rays down south, at first it didn’t fit me.

After time the vitamin D soaked in and I grew warm

The creases in my mouth grew deep, a smile it did form.

With the city life behind me, but not forgotten yet

I always said I missed the pace that city life could set.

I am again a city mouse… BY LOCATION!

But the country mouse inside of me… NEEDS A VACATION!!!

Smile always,