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My legs are moving, but there are no pedals under my feet.

I used to teach fitness classes 6 days a week.  My most favorite being cycling (or some call it spinning).  If I taught more than two a day my mother would crack the joke that I was “recycled”.  She’s cute, isn’t she!!!

At 36 years young, I threw myself a curveball.  I made a decision to change my path in life.  This path led me back home, across several states, to the home I grew up in.  I had a destination, but no direction…  My life is in sheer chaos and I am holding the pieces together.  Let’s just put it this way, I am not recycled!!!  And I miss it!  WIthout exercising daily my center is a little off to the left.  I recently started teaching boxing and pilates classes at local gyms and this past week I finally got my big break and received a cycling class. (Perseverance baby, perseverance)

Now let me tell you, I am used to a pretty smooth ride on nice new bikes and this was nothing of the sort.  I had to prove myself in a class with old beat up bikes and no microphone.  I was told the only way I can keep the class is if I win them over.  (No pressure… really!?!?)  So what did I do???  I won them over!  And I did it with style.

I am picking up the pieces.  I will not fall, I will not break!!!  I love myself too much to give up.  I am at a crossroads and what I do now can either build me up or break me down.  I will cycle my way to better physical, mental, and emotional health because baby, that’s the only thing right now that is keeping my pieces together…

Smile my friends,